About Us

Our team has been dedicated to the device power industry for over ten years and has a wealth of experience in OEM and ODM production. Our core team gained valuable knowledge in previous employment at Fortune 500 companies including Lenovo and TCL.

In today’s digital world, we require more and more devices for work, fun and play. Every desk and workspace requires cool, multiple outlets of safe, surge protected power. But not all charging and power deliver needs are the same. With the T1 our goal was to provide users with an innovative and convenient way to power electronics, charge mobile devices, and ensure total safe use. T1 is the first power strip of its kind with an IPX6 waterproof design and a suite of built-in safety protections for worry-free use both indoors and outdoors. It protects both you and your essential devices.” - CEO of ESHLDTY

Our mission is to provide safer power delivery, innovative features and the best user experience for power and charging applications.

We have been working for the last few years to perfect the products and we are thrilled to share it with the world. We thank you for your support and look forward to having you in our community of loyal users.