Matters Need Attention

This page shows the Matters Need Attention to use Eshldty IPX6 power strips. All of these matters would help you use the product(s) safer and longer service time. And we provide a 60-months warranty for all products only if customers use the item(s) correctly.

Section 1 - Do Not Submerge

IPX6 is the level of protection against powerful water jets rather than covering immersion in water. Please note that both submerged and any outlet submerged is not allowed.

Using Eshldty indoor, please avoid items slip into the water sink, bathtub, and other water containers.

Using Eshldty outdoor, please avoid places that easy to stagnant water.

If the item(s) immersed accidentally, please cut off the circuit before taking it out of the water. Item(s) can resume work after dry it's interior. But please take protective measures before you re-use it.

Section 2 - Do Not Jam Drain Holes

All IPX6 power strips designed has many drain holes on the bottom. Please do not stick it to the wall if your item(s) do not has hanging holes. Please avoid viscous liquid spills on item(s), or the remaining liquid may block the drain after solidifies. Viscous liquid including but not limited to milk, jam, juice, sewage, etc. And please avoid the accumulation of dust, sand, or other solid particles blocks the drain.

Section 3 - Do Not Heat

All Eshldty power strips use fire-resistance materials. But put the item(s) near heaters too close or too long time can damage it. Eshldty power strips won't smell or heat on working. Please contact us to request an exchange if that happens.

Section 4 - Do Not Endanger Yourself

We designed a lot of protection to measure power safety, but always remember that protective measures are for unexpected situations. Please do not intentionally pour the liquid into the outlet, put keys into the outlet, or clean splash water on it without cut off.

Section 5 – Others

Do not disassemble or modify items yourself.

Do not plug a power strip into another.

Do not block the switch to invalidate the built-in breaker.